How We Work

When you embark on equity and inclusion work, suppress your socialization around instant gratification!”

— Curtiss Reed, Jr.

Conceptual Framework In the calculus of organizational cultural change, time, tenacity, and capital investment are the most dominant and determinant variables for success. CRJ Consulting Group, L3C works with client-partners:

  • undertaking a minimum decade’s long journey to shift the culture within their organizations
  • who have established succession plans for ongoing work to continue as personnel change
  • whose owners/board of directors have given unanimous consent for the cultural shift

We customize our work to the needs of our client-partners based on an initial assessment. Our client-partners leverage their political will, financial resources, and social capital to change the culture of their business or organizational practices. We typically work directly with a client-partner for the first three to four years to build their in-house capacity to carry the work forward on their own. We encourage our client-partners to become ambassadors in their fields by way of displaying conspicuously courageous leadership.

Our work is neither piecemeal nor randomly cobbled together. We do not do “one-off” workshops, check the box “training”, or window dressing to calm the corrosive tensions of active critical incidents. We do not do pre-packaged “off the shelf” training.

CRJ Consulting Group, L3C is highly selective and declines to work with entities where leadership feels unable or unwilling to leverage their political will, financial resources, and social capital to transform the culture of their business or organization.